PIR Holy Moly! Enduro Sprint Combo Part 2

Day 2 comes and ChumpTech is back together. We're ready for another day of racing.

Like the ol' saying good from far...


Some body reshaping not from Triple K Autobody

Three hours into the race a mustang decides that the right front door looked better damaged... At turn 7 the mustang dive bombs and makes contact which also takes out the mirror leaving it dangling on the side.


We also start to notice quite a few of the ChumpCars are running beyond what the rules allow for lumination on the track. The worst offender is the 121 Civic who dangerously flash their lights to pass other Chumpers -  not cool!

We finish 3rd in class.



At the end of the night we're mostly smiling.

The good side of course 🙂

Stu, Rick, Oz, Kelsey, and Brando.

  • speed tape (lots) was used to patch the right mirror.

Bonus Picture:

Also the good side



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