Project Old School Civic

Thirty six years later and we come back to one of our vintage race engines being brought back to service.

Back in the day... who am I kidding this writer was just a baby when this motor was out winning trophy's at race tracks.

The Honda engine code is EN1.


This motor is from 1980. To put things into perspective for the younger audience, the Nintendo console (NES) wasn't available until 1985. There are no modern electronics such as electronic control unit (ECU) or electronic fuel injection system (EFI). We are regressing back to an analogue time where some would say science and magic is mixed together.

What do you mean there's no fuel table to edit ?

Kicking it old school! I'm sure some of the readers will be more comfortable when we start talking about float bowls, idle jets, venturi stacks, ..etc. Whereas for myself; that technology is obsolete, highly inefficient, and at the same time magical. How can it not be when the tuning aspect is more of an art than science.


Motor Info:

  • Year: 1980
  • Engine Code: EN1
  • Engine size:   1,338 cc;  SOHC; 8 Valve
    • Pistons: Venolia - Alcoa's 2618 alloy
    • Mugen Rod
  • Fuel System:  Twin Carburetor (Dual Barrel)


The signs of a good block - "CCCCC".

Stay tuned as we update the project build in between our off days from racing.





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