2003 Spoon Integra Vs. BSD Racing Integra

Spoon sports スプーンスポーツ Integra Type R Vs. BSD Integra Type R

Take a ride as we battle with the Super Taikyu N1 Spoon Integra Type R DC2R (Right Hand Drive) against the BSD Integra Type R DC2R at the 2003 Vancouver Molson Indy Race Event.

*Update Video* Includes extra footage taken from outside camera view.

It was a hot and muggy race event. The track side temperature were hovering over thirty four degree Celsius (34C /94F). This would mean that the the cockpit temperatures would easily rocket up another five degree's or more (40C/105F). The Vancouver Indy race is a treacherous concrete lined city track at the heart of the downtown core. Street races offer tons of excitement for the fans, but it creates track drama as there are little to no run offs areas - race car carnage is a guarantee.

Spoon Sports shipped out their N1 Champion #96 Integra from Japan out to battle. During the practice and qualifying they set a fast pace giving them pole position for the class Grand Touring Production two (GTP2). It was obvious that we did not have the straight line power in comparison to the Super Taikyu N1 Integra DC2R. The number 38 BSD Integra qualified in position two (P2) in the GTP2 class. It would be an exciting battle.

In the end everything came into alignment for the number 38 with avoiding the early track drama and taking the lead away from the Spoon Integra. The number 38 BSD Integra didn't look back and drove to victory lane - 2003 Vancouver Indy GTP2 champions.

#38 Acura Integra Type R
Class: GTP2 Champion

BSD Integra Type R Specs:

  • Engine: 1797 CC, B18C5
    • RPM 8600 RPM
  • Power: 195 HP
  • Engine  Control Unit: Type R ECU
  • Type R Transmission with LSD - 4.4 Final Drive
  • BSD Sway bars


  • Rick
  • Doug
  • Joni
  • Jim
  • Ken
  • Kevin
  • Randall

#78 Hima Maher - Rest in peace, god speed.

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