Win at SCCA U.S. Majors Tour at Auto Club Speedway

Fontana California, (January  12 - 14, 2018 )

The start of the season we are across the border and at the sunshine filled state of California at the Auto Club Speedway. We come in as rookies for the SCCA U.S. Majors Tour series as this is our first attendance in the series.

The number 188 BSD Integra Type R wins both rounds at the SCCA U.S. Major Tour.

Racing with a seasoned Acura Integra Type R classed in STU we take both win's on Saturday and Sunday. Coming back home we will be bringing back some hardware for the mantel.

The weekend started out tough as we felt that we could not break out and chase down the current leader in the Scion FRS that lead by just  2.5 seconds. At the same time we were in a comfortable lead in second place from the third place contender. As Kevin Lachance explains, "Thought I would have to settle for second all weekend, which would have been great on my first ever SCCA Majors Tour Event!" .

The first race on Saturday the strategy was to stay away from the wall and be conservative as the Integra was getting squirrely up in the oval banks in 6th gear. The last we would want is to kiss the wall.  As Rick Chandler would put it “Mister wall looks real big and coming fast!”.

As the race progressed on Saturday the No. 188 was as expected sandwiched in between 1st position and 3rd position.


It looked like there wouldn't be a battle for the first position against the Scion FRS until Lachance noticed that he was gaining time . “Screw, saving the car mode” said Lachance and switch to “Stuff my foot through the firewall mode”.  The gamble paid off and No. 188 takes the checkered flag on the last lap. Yahoo!



On Sunday, there is no qualifying required. The times from Saturday are calculated and a new grid order is achieved. As we were learning the track our qualifying times reflected that on paper. The No. 188 would have to fight through some traffic. We quickly catch up to the Scion FRS.

The well seasoned Integra Type R lacked top end speed in chasing down the younger generation Scion FRS. So we relied on our suspension setup knowledge and where we lost ground in speed we gained through the corners.

Lap after lap it was a tight battle between the scion FRS on the infield trading places between top position for a few moments. In the end the No. 188 merges in top position and takes the checked flag. Not a bad weekend for racing considering a tired motor and being new to the track. "At any rate it was nice although totally unexpected to win both of my first races with SCCA Majors Tour" said Lachance.

Winners Circle at the U.S. Majors Tour at Autoclub Speedway