2017 Race Season Recap

The season came and went in a blink of an eye. We traveled everywhere and the season just seemed like a blur as it also included ice racing on frozen lakes.

Here is a quick recap of the season:

  • BSD 83; The rookie - Anjelli takes the IT-J Championship in her integra
    • Anjelli also completed her first season of ice racing
  • BSD 20; King of the Hill Champion - Defending title
  • BSD 88; Kevin in the TSX takes the title for ST4 Champion
  • BSD 65; Oz in the TSX takes PTD second place
  • BSD 20; Kelsey and Rick in the Integra takes 3rd PTD
  • BSD 64; Andrew and Neil in the Integra takes PTE second place
  • BSD 38; Rick ST3 second place
  • BSD 77; Stu in the Civic takes 4th PTC due to mechanical issues


The last race of the season team BSD took the podium.

  • GT2 Champion
  • GT3 Champion
  • GT4 Champion
  • GT2 Second Place
  • BSD 88 NSX First in Class

NSX Vintage Race Weekend


BSD Racing: Nascc Rd. 3 2017 - Corner 1


BSD Racing: Civic SiR vs RX7 Battle


The one move rule