WCMA – NASCC Round 3 & 4 2018

It was a sun filled race weekend at the track for round 3 and 4 with NASCC and WCMA on June 23 - 24, 2018. 


The weather was perfect and the battle was tough on Team BSD as we have three early retirements by Sunday. However, we prevailed and emerged as champions on the podium with a First in Class for the WCMA race in BSD 65, the Acura TSX.



We also received some late awards from 2017 and 2013.

  • 2017 ST4 Track record BSD 88 Acura TSX
  • 2013 Ice racing Champion trophy for Ice racing BSD 38 Integra

Getting ready for the morning practice.


Photo Credit (below): Grant C

Round 3 King of the Hill Battle


Round 3 King of the Hill Integra Civic TSX 2018