Win at SCCA U.S. Majors Tour Recap

Willow Springs Raceway - March 16 to 18 , 2018

BSD 65 takes its first win at Willow Springs

This was the inauguration race for BSD 65 as the TSX takes the win on Saturday in Willow Springs Raceway.

Class ITR Champion Saturday race BSD 65

Class  STU BSD 888, third place

On Sunday's race two in the STU class, BSD 888 Integra takes the podium for third place.

Oz takes the win for Saturday race 1 for BSD 65.


Portland International Raceway - May 19 to 20, 2018

BSD 888 Integra earns a win number two in Portland.



The Saturday race was a hard fought battle with the BSD 888 Integra taking a podium for second place.

The Sunday race event the BSD 888 Integra rocketed to first place taking the win for the race.



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