PIR Holy Moly! Enduro Sprint Combo

Holy moly was it a short race!

This year's ChumpCar Portland event was a little different. The event would be held early where we would normally race during the week of Halloween. As it turns out, Lucky Dog Racing has that time slot which means we just might have to make plans for next year...  We also miss Cathy.

The event would also be the introduction of ChumpTrucks to the team.

"Borrr-ring" you say? No, semi-trucks on the road course!

Credit: http://s208.photobucket.com/user/skierman64/library/

It was a sight to see. Stuff we've only seen on Fifth Gear...

Anyway, back to the endurance race. The race format as such would be a very short race of 7 + 6. This means we would race for 7 Hours on Friday starting at 4 PM and then Saturday for 6 Hours. In our view this would be a short endurance race, in comparison to the typical Chump races that we have experienced.

We have survived The NASA 25 Hours of Thunder Hill and the inaugural 36. As this is a short race it will be a challenge to keep pace with the fast chumpers with the current class structure.


This would be the first time we have raced in Portland that we would start the race in the dry and also end in the dry.  It wasn't warm weather by any means, but there was sun.


It was a tough battle landing a 2nd in class.

It also landed us a few battle marks as a 240SX contacted the right door and forced the chumper off track. At the end of the race we also find a torn axle and a damaged right tire. Nothing a band aid wouldn't fix ... right?


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