The Shake Down – Part 2


The NSX shows promise at the season opener with NASCC. The first morning practice and qualifying events the NSX would be running systems checks and bedding-in the brake pads to the rotor. The telementary data that we pull out of the ecu will be used as a base line.


That leaves the PT cars and they are battling it out for position.

PT group
The PT group credit:

During qualifying team BSD holds both pole positions in the PT classes.


The green flag drops and #12 Red Civic EG (not pictured) and #77 Yellow Integra DA9 lead the pack. While #20 Yellow/White Integra DC4 fights through traffic charging through the field.


The #65 Integra Type R at the end of the race loses power and won't idle. The fuel pressure is abnormal high and then we find...

Just like a public service announcement - Crack is bad.  As a result, #65 Integra Type R retires from the race.


The #20 come's in with a light scratch from contact from another race car; Race Officials deem it as a race incident.

P_20160604_182428As we go over #20 before the next race session we notice from the driver side that the axle is damaged. We quickly grab a spare and prepare for the next battle.

Things seem to be running relatively calm for the rest of the team until the last session  - "The King of the Road" "Closed Wheel Combined Race (Race #5)".


The PTC #12 Red Civic EG is taken out by #174 Blue Pontiac Grand Prix that is in a higher class ST1.  The incident occurred just at the start of the race  - moments after the green flag.


The #174 at corner 1 lost control and spun into the Civic which damaged the front end and took out the radiator. The Civic is forced into retirement.


The NSX ran strong with adjustments to suspension and small programming changes to the engine management. This was a shake down and to learn the characteristics of the new livery and where to find areas to improve.



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