NSX – Electrical – Exhaust – Part 3

In between going through the factory service manual we're also going through the wiring and electronics.

P_20160414_171729This was left installed as we combed through the car. This is the first generation of Honda's 4 wheel Anti-Lock Brake (ALB)  (ABS as it is known now) (I forgot Honda developed their own system) control unit. Talk about being cautious.


Of course at BSD we live dangerous; I took it apart thinking there would be something that warrants the caution. I don't see anything out of the ordinary. Into the parts bin it goes.

There is a lot of wiring in the NSX and the previous owners I guess were less than enthusiastic about that . I'll spare the details on electrical as I could go on and on about it's importance on modern cars. The key point for the NSX is that the Dacro coatings and grounding locations are very important.


On to the cool stuff - ARC titanium exhaust.


WTF? You just wrapped the Titanium ARC exhaust. The NSX is a mid engine vehicle and the exhaust sit right under the engine. Heat is not your friend.


Which also means the headers and exhaust sections get the same treatment.



It's a tight fit underneath.


A little wiggle wiggle and bank 2 header goes in.



It's starting to look like a race car, but there's still tons left to setup.


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