NSX – Are We There Yet – Part 4

It's a good thing there is no clock in the shop otherwise we would be staring at it all the time. The journey has been long and when you look at the NSX it still looks the same.


The Kenne Bell supercharger is now installed and it hides away both red valve covers. It's starting to look like an engine bay rather than lines and hoses disconnected.P_20160322_195319

Same story as before, it is a tight fitment for a lot of the parts. The pulley assembly involved a lot of tongue to the left, but it's in and torqued to spec.

* Patent Pending Air Intake - BSD Racing

The next step was to figure out how to let the motor breath. Who knew Starbucks could contribute. Anyway, it didn't work out, but it did surprise us that it almost could work - the filter dropped right in.

The NSX purist would most likely disapprove and tell us the factory air box flows and is an "ice box" in design. The situation is that the supercharger mounts much higher than the stock location and there are roll bars that we have to contend with. We will most likely come back and fabricate a box later. For the mean time we are going to use a traditional air intake system.


A lot more Honda parts later and the axles are now installed on the NSX


And then we run into an issue...


The engineered bolt that holds the half shaft axle bracket is missing. It's late, we're tired, and the feeling is that the part is most likely back ordered to infinity. So we make the part instead.


We go through our Honda bolts and we find a good match - 1978 Honda Civic bolt, washer, and nut.


Twenty minutes later we have a shiny new part.


Left is the factory NSX bolt; Middle is the mock up ; Right is the shiny new machined bolt.


Fits just like factory.


Which means it's midnight and the witching hour. We mix a BSD ratio of transmission fluid.


This PR7 transmission houses the OS Giken SuperLock LSD.

Technical Stuff:

  • 28 clutch pack (friction plates)
  • 4.44:1 final drive ratio
  • Differential Configurable: 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0




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