Yellow – Part 2

Garage time should translate to increase posts, pictures, and videos, right? 

Welcome to race car life where there really is no downtime. The past couple of months have been very busy for team BSD.

Chapter 2 - The yellow race car.


The cool bits - Production number 1078. For the geeky folks this means this NSX is a 1992 model.


The first thing is to go over is the current parts and that means going through twelve box's labeled NSX - yah, I know pity us.

IMG_20160404_114047The hamsters in the motor have been working out to the tune of increased lung capacity of 3500cc (3.5L) .



A little added help from forced induction as well.

  • Kenne Bell twin screw 2300cc supercharger
    • Liquid cooled
  • CT Engineering Pulley and Adapter


This is pretty cool - this is the thermal intake manifold gaskets from factory (pre Hondata Heatshield) - phenolic gasket with rubber seals.  This just shows how fussy the engineers were in designing the motor for performance.

Although the NSX is a race car and we use many "race parts"; we still utilize a lot of factory parts.


Installed above is the machined inlet manifold for the supercharger and our custom machined aftercooler.


The added power only means the NSX will be thirsty - 1100CC injectors.

Which also means we have had to remove the factory injector resistor box, otherwise we would damage most likely the ECU and then the injectors. P_20160407_180157

Although we can build our own bypass harness (we have lots of spare electrical parts and oem connectors) our friends at Science of Speed makes an adapter and it is surprisingly inexpensive. Thanks for the hook up Chris.

In case you're wondering yes, we traced the wires it looks correct - anything that cuts time is a bonus. The alternative part is an OBD1 distributor plug from an Integra or Civic.


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