NSX – An Eternal SportsMind For You – Part 5

Things are starting to fall into place and we can start running tests instead of tracing electrical connections.
We also start installing parts instead of doing mock ups. Our bench of parts are slowly disappearing and the puzzle pieces start to come together.

It's still a long road ahead.  We haven't touched suspension or aero yet.


The engine bay is starting to look complete and we are in the process of adding fluids. The next step is cranking the motor and then the moment of truth - starting.



The dash is looking pretty. We kept the factory dash instead of installing a typical minimalist light weight race dash. It's funny to say this, but we need to balance the weight in the race car.

The decision to keep the factory cluster and the dash also maintains the spirit of being a street  car - a NSX that happens to be a race car.

The center console now holds blinking gauges and yes, we also kept the ignition key system. Where else would we get to use the titanium NSX key?


A quick electrical test and we find a small issue; the tachometer is not sitting in the right position. "Oh, good grief!", as Charlie brown would say.

What do you mean? It's a simple fix.


Except there's a roll bar that runs across the dash - oops.


Keep calm and carry on!

Next on the list is the factory security system being the last control unit that we removed and must bypass. It's a pretty interesting design, but I won't bore you with the details.


Well this end Chapter 5 and hopefully in  Chapter 6 we start suspension and maybe programming ...


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